25 October 2005

Principal Weinstein Runs Kung Fu High School

Hey guys, it's Donnie...The Weinstens have dropped some serious cash in order to aquire the rights to the upcoming novel Kung Fu High School by Ryan Gattis. I'm talking seven figures for Gattis and six figures for the screenwriter Ernesto Foronda, who wrote Better Luck Tomorrow for director Justin Lin and is currently writing the sure-to-be-disappointing American remake of Oldboy, which is also to be directed by Lin. I guess Bob and Harvey can afford it, as they just secured financing from 18 partners totaling just under $500 million. Now if only they had a better name than The Weinstein Co. Seriously, that's the kind of name you come up with when you're 10 to try and make yourself sound like a grown up.

The story is set in a high school that better resembles a prison than a place of higher learning. The place is overrun by gangs and tyrannical authority figures. Our protagonist is a world champion martial artistist who has taken a vow of pacifism, a vow he may have to break if he wants to survive in the schoolyard.

Sounds pretty good to me. It's hard not to draw immediate comparisons to Volcano High, but I'm sure that Lin and co will bring their own unique flavor to the proceedings. Foronda and Lin have worked well together in the past, and I'd certainly rather see them take this on than castrate Park Chanwook's vengeful masterpiece. Ah well. Either way we're going to have to survive Lin's Fast and the Furious 3 disaster first. So sad...


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