18 October 2005

Happy Batman Day!!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Wishing all you Boothites (Boothians? Boothans?) a Happy Batman Day.

Yes, that's right, today is October 18th, which means you can walk into your local DVD retailer and pick up any of the SIX different Batman movies that were released today. Here's my well-worded explanation from way back in August:
First you'll get Batman Begins. You can choose either a single-disc edition with almost no special features, or a 2 disc version that is CHOCK FULL of documentaries and featurettes. Personally, I'm going for the 2 disc, but then again I almost ALWAYS go for the specialist of the special editions. Click it here for artwork and special features.

Next you'll get 2 disc Digitally Remastered Special Editions of all the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movies: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. You can choose to purcahse these movies seperately or as one big ole box set. We all know that Batman and Robin is utter shite and after rewatching Batman Forever recently, I've decided that, while Kilmer certainly kicks Clooney's ass, it's still pretty bad. But I love the Burton movies, so I'll split it down the middle and snag Burton and leave Shumacher to rot on the shelves. Click it here for artwork and special features. I'd like to note that Warners totally dropped the ball on the artwork on these puppies. I think it was a monumentally bad choice to just rehash the floating head original artwork with a new font for the title. They had the opportunity to do something so much cooler, and I know this for a fact because you can click it here to see the vastly superior Region 2 artwork. How bad ass is that? It almost makes me forget how much I dislike the second two. Almost.

Finally, what I think just may be the coolest of the cool, you can also pick up The Complete Batman 1943 Movie Serial Collection. These are all 15 short episodes of one Batman adventure. They were shown, one episode a week, in movie theaters in 1943, right in between the cartoon short and the news reel. Expect silly villians, campy costumes, and hilarious fight scenes. Click it here for the artwork and special features. I think this has the coolest artwork of all Batman discs getting released that day. And if you like that, click it here to check out The Complete Batman and Robin 1949 Movie Serial Collection, which hit shelves this past March. I'll certainly be getting both of those.
So grab your cowl, strap on your utility belt, and scare the crap out of petty thieves everywhere. The remainder of the month will be Batman Month in my apartment, and all are welcome...


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