25 May 2005

Welcome To The Movie Booth

About a year ago, I was sitting in my cubicle at my summer job, eating a bag of Dorritos and drinking a can of iced tea and in my boredom, I decided to try my hand at this blogging thing. I knew some people who were REALLY into it, and I certainly had my doubts. I started a blog, The Tangent Universe, and subtitled it "Destined To Eventually Collapse" because I figured there was no way this thing was going to last very long...

A year later, I'm sitting in my new cubicle at the same job (still eating a bag of Dorritos and drinking iced tea) and while The Tangent Universe has undergone a metamorphesis or two, my blogging is still going strong. I use my blog as a personal record of my thoughts, feelings, and day-to-day happenings, and, following recent events, I've learned that it really is best to keep these things private.

However, I feel the need to "put myself out there" so to speak, if not emotionally, then intellectually. And since my good friend Touchdown has been doing a bang-up job at tackling the realm of the political and/or the ethical, (and since I tend to agree with him on most subjects) that leaves me with really only one other outlet for me to assert/inflict my views upon you, the unsuspecting reader: movies.

And so...WELCOME TO THE MOVIE BOOTH. Since I'll be spending a sizable portion of my time for the next eight months or so watching movies (both in the theater and via my buddy netflix) as well as rabidly devouring every scrap of information I can gather on a number of upcoming movies, I'll be using this site as my own personal soapbox. You'll see a number of reviews as well as opinionated reporting on the projects in production that I'm excited about. Hopefully I'll be able to gather somewhat of a readership.

Anyone can post replies to any individual article, although I reserve the right to delete anything that's totally inappropriate, and by "inappropriate", I don't mean contrary to my opinion. Half the reason I'm running this site is to foster debate. So disagree with me! Disagree with each other! Don't pull your punches, be honest about these movies. Our opinions are what keeps the industry honest (relatively speaking).

So, read on! Archives and recent articles are listed on the right. Consume, laugh, get pissed, write back, pass it along to your friends...

Let the mayhem begin...


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