20 October 2005

Black Lagoon Gets "Awesome" Director

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Some good friends of mine recently introduced me to a fantastic new drinking game. It's called Sahara Is "Awesome". It's a very simple game. Gather some friends, gather some alcoholic beverages, and pop the recent Matthew McConaughey flick Sahara. Every time Sahara is "awesome", you take a drink. For example: "Hey he just got shot in the hand with a spear gun. That's pretty awesome." Drink. "Hey, look. It's Rainn Wilson. He's pretty awesome." Drink. "Did Zahn just say 'decision-making paradigm?' That's pretty awesome." Drink.

Suffice it to say, you need a whole lot of alcohol to play this game.

I felt it was relevant to discuss this little gem of a game as it was announced this morning that directing duties for the remake of Creature From The Black Lagoon have officially been given to Breck Eisner, son of Disney's former resident asshole Michael Eisner and the director of Sahara, which is pretty awesome. Drink.

The script comes from Gary Ross, whose father wrote the original back in 1954, and is apparantly a modern update on the story and the classic creature, not so campy and more in the vein of Alien or The Thing. Sounds good to me. Ron Howard was making claims about Bill Paxton starring in this flick way back in July, but that was the last we've heard of it, so who knows what's going on now.

I'm interested to see if Eisner can pull off something as dark as what Ross is describing. Sahara has a lot of energy to it and I thought that he did a pretty damn good job, particularly for a first time director on a major studio release. Here's hoping that he can make the Black Lagoon even more awesome.


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