24 October 2005

Attack Of The 50ft Video Diaries: Four Square

Hey guys, it's Donnie...For a while, I was including video diaries in Trailertown, which I didn't see as too far of a stretch thematically. Then more and more people started jumping onto the video diary bandwagon, and today I realized that there were new entries in four different diaries, so they get their own section now.

BlueTights: The film has been on hiatus the past few weeks for a number of reasons, one of which being Bryan Singer's birthday. But they're back in Australia and finishing up some action sequences as well as doing some re-shoots and pick ups. We in the states are therefore blessed with another entry in Bryan's Blog, entitled See Plane. This is one of the funnier entries they've done, and I really shouldn't tell you much about it other than that it features James Marsters and it makes me think he's not quite the complete tool that fandom takes him for.

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KongIsKing: If this doesn't bring a smile to your face then you must be the goddamn Grinch. Old Kong and new Kong, right there, side by side...the absolute love and joy on Peter Jackson's face as he recreates that iconic image...the awe of all those computer animators playing with this little mechanical skeleton...and that final re-animation!! This is the stuff that makes me love the movies. I want to be a part of something like that.

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Train Wreck: Two new entries in the Clerks 2 diary. We get the other half of "Brian's Party Cam", which is basically Brian gathering an impressive array of cleavage shots and trying to hit on a moderately attractive woman who's sort of married. There's also a more interesting entry with the script supervisor, although she spends the whole interview swinging back and forth on a swingset, so it gets a little dizzying after a while.

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Poseidon Journals: After some production delays, Chapter 7 has gone live over at Dark Horizons. It's fairly brief and it doesn't feel like we get too much more information. (There are big ornate sets and no one really likes being in the water all the time.) Devin seemed to sense this when he did Chapter 5, and at least made it entertaining by being less of a story about a set visit and more of a story about how he got punched by Richard Dreyfuss. But, as per normal, we've got a nice little clip of onset stuff and an interview with cast member Jacinda Barrett, who is mucho mucho attractivo.

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