20 October 2005

Deja Vu Gets Deja Vu

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Tony Scott's Domino may be underperforming at the box office right now, but far be it from "The Other Scott Brother" to slow down just because of something like poor profits or, ya know, a hurricane.

Up until a few weeks ago, Tony Scott's next slated project was Deja Vu, a story about an FBI agent (Denzel Washington) who travels back in time to save a New Orleans woman from being murdered and then, surprise surprise, he falls in love with her. Then Katrina stepped in and pretty much wiped New Orleans off the face of the Earth. Key scenes were to take place on the docks and ferries of the city, so Scott decided to walk from the project, casting serious doubt that it would ever even happen.

But wait! Apparantly Scott thought about it some more, talked to some folks from the city, (who would probably give their left arms to have a major film shoot taking place in New Orleans at this point) and has decided that the docks and other major parts of the city should be rebuilt in time for filming to begin in February, so he's back onboard and Deja Vu is rolling once again.

This will likely be the first feature shot in New Orleans post-Katrina, and while it's certainly well worn territory, (I'm reminded of the fake movie from America's Sweethearts. Remember the bit where John Cusack was dressed in a tin foil suit? Yeah that.) but Scott and Washington work pretty well together, so I'm sure they'll bring something new to the table.

On another note, why is it that Tony Scott seems to be wearing that weird salmon colored hat in every picture ever taken of him? Go ahead, google image search him and take a look...


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