24 October 2005

The First Rule Of BEERFEST Is...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...The geniuses at Broken Lizard are at it again. Let's track their progression over the past few years:

Super Troopers: incredibly funny, low-budget, simple simple comedy. Huge hit.
Club Dread: Genre exploration, very funny, not quite so well received.
Dukes Of Hazard: Big-budget, star powered, critically reviled moneymaker.

I think I could live with that sort of progression repeating itself a few times, if only because it would finance them to do pretty much whatever they want. Paul Soter announced on the Broken Lizard site that their next flick will officially be Beerfest, and that they'll start filming this January in New Mexico. I could tell you what it's about, but Soter description is so much better than anything I could write/paraphrase:
Beerfest is a heartwarming saga of two brothers who go to Oktoberfest and stumble upon a super-secret centuries-old beer games competition. Like Fight Club, but with beer games. These guys get their asses kicked by the Germans, and come back to America, where they assemble the greatest collection of all-star beer games dudes, in order to go back to Germany and kick the shit out of the Germans.
Fantastic. This sounds much closer in tone to Super Troopers. Just a great premise and (hopefully) fantastic characters to bounce off each other. This does well, we'll probably see them take on The Greek Road next, which strikes me as similar to Club Dread in that it's sort of a genre piece and the genre is kind of the joke. After that they'll probably end up doing a remake of The Rockford Files or something. Anyway, I'm just always excited to see what these guys are gonna do next, so kudos to the Broken Lizard boys.


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