24 October 2005

Aslan Burnt Down Wayne Manor

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So the new trailer for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe debuted on Friday, but it was on the abysmal AOL Moviefone player which never works properly, so I decided to wait until there was a nicer version up and about and lo and behold, this morning Moviefone released the shiny happy Quicktime copy.

There are things here that I like and things I don't. The wolf is badass and the beavers are okay, but Aslan...he LOOKS fantastic, but when he opens his mouth and Liam Neeson voice comes out...it really just doesn't seem to match up. It looks more like the lion ate Neeson and he's speaking from inside the lion's stomach. I guess I just wish he didn't sound quite so much like himself. I really wish Brian Cox had remained onboard.

But overall, it looks pretty stunning. The biggest challenge remains capturing the LOTR market without seeming like they're ripping off Peter Jackson, which will be very hard to do from a marketing standpoint. I think the film might pull it off (there's certainly enough in the book to differentiate the two) but the trick will be reflecting that in the TV spots. I read the entire Chronicles Of Narnia series in elementary school and used to get the BBC videos from my library, so I'm certainly looking forward to it and really hope they don't fuck it all up.

Click it here to long for Turkish Delight...


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