18 October 2005

Ridley Scott Is Selling Encyclopedias

Hey guys, it's Donnie...There are certain things from your childhood that sort of fade away and disappear until you start to wonder if you made it up. Sometimes it's books, or movies or things that you think happened to you but, then again, maybe you only dreamt it. Personally, I've found myself questioning the existence of a flick called Drop Dead Fred (that one was real), an animated video series about a defective teddy bear with superpowers (still not sure about that one) and, until recently, a series of books called Encyclopedia Brown.

I read all these books as a kid, and then I never heard about the books or the characters for about a decade and started to suspect that perhaps I had made the boy detective up, but no! They were real, they are real and Ridley Scott wants to bring them to a theater near you.

Encyclopedia Brown was a 12 year old boy who alternated between solving mysteries among his peers and between solving actual crimes for his father, the cheif of police. The line was that no crime in Idaville had gone unsolved in over a year because everytime his father had a case they couldn't figure out, he would bring it home and describe it over dinner. By dessert Encyclopedia (whose real name was Leroy) would have it all wrapped up, implying that either this was was the smartest 12 year old in the world, or Idaville had the dumbest cops in the history of law enforcement.

Ridley Scott currently holds the rights and apparantly he has put together a nice little script which he would produce through his Scott Free production company. Personally, I'd love to see Encyclopedia Brown come to the big screen. He was definitely a character I looked up to as a kid, and I think that today's youth can always use more well-adjusted role models. Plus it's nice to have my childhood memories validated.


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