01 November 2005

Trailertown: Crazy Monkey, Crazy Deaths, Crazy Director

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!

I've got a nice little goodie bag of Halloween leftovers ya today. Some are awesome and some are "awesome".

King Kong: Apple just posted a pretty sweet "Look Inside" that gives us a little peek at some previously unseen footage, as well as your sort of standard ass-kissing from the cast. You get some really nice words from Peter Jackson that go to show just how important this film is to him personally, and the impact that the original has had on his life professionally. It's pretty, it's short, and Jack Black puts the perfect punctuation on it at the end.
Click it here to worship at the stop-motion altar...

Final Destination 3: Yes, I'm serious, this is a real theatrical release. They were actually casting this flick while I was in LA this past spring, and they've got some pretty good choices, right on par with the talent displayed in the first two outings, both of which are probably better films than you remember. At the very least, they're always good for some inventive and often hilarious deaths. The girl with the bus from the first one...oh man, I still laugh at that. Here we get a rollercoaster ride...of DEATH!! The original writers and director are back this time around, so perhaps this thing will be entertaining after all.
Click it here for prologue text that doesn't quite make sense...

Bloodrayne: Destined to be the first truly shitty movie of 2006. Boll KG had a few other trailers up on their website a while back, and they weren't much better than this garbage. What strikes me most about what I've seen of this movie to date is how incredibly muddled it is. It's as if Boll couldn't figure out a strong overall concept for the film, so he just decided to use seven really crappy ones. I hear that the things to watch for in this movie will be Michael Madsen, who spent most of his time on-set completely drunk (and I can't say I blame him), an INCREDIBLY awkward sex scene between Matt Davis and Kristanna Loken (I don't really mind watching Kristanna Loken have awkward sex, do you?) and Meatloaf (credited as Meatloaf Aday, probably in the hopes that we'll confuse him with another Meatloaf) and about 20 actual Romanian prostitutes literally devouring the scenery left and right.
Click it here for 30 seconds of cinematic hemerroids...
Click it here for 90 seconds of cinematic hemerroids, you glutton for punishment you...


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