28 October 2005

I Am Dumbfounded At This...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So I've mentioned once or twice the impending American remake of Park Chanwook's revenge masterpiece Oldboy, one of my favorite movies of 2003, and how it's destined not to live up to the original. Aside from the fact that the talent involved to date falls somewhat short of the Korean version, the film itself is just too brutal, too sick and twisted for most American audiences to swallow, which means they'll probably rip the balls off the thing and then I will shed a tear for the retarditity of American remakes.

However, today I discovered that apparantly America is not the only country that feels the need to recreate Chanwook's work: apparantly there is a BOLLYWOOD REMAKE in the works called Zinda. I...I just don't know how to respond to this information. Oh Daesu kicks unholy amounts of ass while singing and dancing? A ballad about dumplings perhaps? This is either going to be the most brilliant or the most ridiculous remake in the history of ever.

Don't believe me? Click it here for the proof...

I think I need to lie down...


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