01 November 2005

Goodie Goodie Jennys Get Down And Dirty

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Got word on two projects in development that seem...thematically related in that both films will probably have similar effects on my pants. Uh....sorry about that. I'm lonely.

First we've got Sabbatical. Jennifer Garner will star and produce this erotic thriller with her Vandalia production company. I'm sure I just made someone's day by putting "Jennifer Garner" and "erotic thriller" in the same sentence. the story of a married couple who, in an effort to shake up thier seven year stalemate, decide to take a two week vacation from each other, during which they can do whatever they want within a certain set of rules. Jesus, even their sabbatical sounds boring. At the end of the two weeks, Garner arrives at their designated meeting place and her hubby never shows. Will we see ta-tas? Too early to tell, although they might distract me from the fact that the girl can't act her way out of a paper bag...

Next we've got a movie that is destined for a title change: She Had Brains, A Body, And The Ability To Make Men Love Her. Jennifer Love Hewitt will make a change from her her current CBS drama Ghost Whisperer, (which I've decided is the bastard child of The Frighteners and Touched By An Angel) to play a Texas homecoming queen turned trophy wife/hooker. Hewitt will star in and produce the film based on a true story as well as a magazine article in Texas Monthly that chronicled the tale of this homemaking homewrecker's rise to the most popular prostitute in Odessa, TX and the inevitable fall that took down 68 well-to-do local residents. I think that it's past time that J-Love got tarted up a bit, and to be quite honest, I don't mind watching the results.


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