28 October 2005

Who Are You Supposed To Be??

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Well, it's Halloween-time again, which means everyone is (or should be) scouring thrift stores for costume pieces. Girl inevitably will dress in some outfit of ill repute, (I know two girls who are going as "slutty angels." How original.) while guys will tend to try and look either really funny or really badass.

And then there's people like me, the uber-dorks, the people who use this opportunity to dress up like our favorite characters of fiction, whether it be from movies, TV shows, comic books, etc. etc. In first grade I dressed up as a Ninja Turtle in a homemade costume my mom made, and the damn thing fell to pieces in the middle of a costume parade around the school. I had to march around the older kids' classrooms with a brown paper bag on my back, a torn streamer for a belt trailing behind me, and green paint caked up on my cheeks. That sucked hard.

This year I will be dressing up like Elwood Blues, one of my favorite characters of all time. I tried to do the same thing last year, although it didn't quite come together right. But fear not! This year I've been prepared and I will capitalize on the final piece of the puzzle: sideburns.

So, in an effort to get some interactivity going here, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA BE FOR ALL HALLOW'S EVE? Or, if you're not gonna get the opportunity to dress up this year, what do you wish you could be? How about cool costumes from the past? You had to have fared better than my homegrown Raph. I'm opening up the floor to you, my loyal yet often silent readers.

Cool Halloween Costumes.



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