28 October 2005

Rambo IV? Crap, I Was Only Joking...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...After the announcement of Rocky VI, (which has been retitled to simply Rocky Balboa, even though everyone's gonna refer to it as Rocky VI) I made a joke about Stallone doing another Rambo and a sequel to Tango And Cash.

I should learn to keep my damn mouth shut.

As of this morning, Stallone announced that he's secured $50 million to produce Rambo IV, which I will hence forth refer to phonetically as Rambo Eye-Vee, because he's old enough that he probably needs an IV to get through the day. The story will focus on a quiet, "retired" John Rambo living in obscurity, that is until a kidnapped girl forces him to strap on that red bandanna and kick some arse. There were originally rumors that Rambo would be heading to the Middle East to fight "the terra-ists", and while that could have lead to crazy over-the-top fun, this kidnaped girl thing will probably lead to a smaller, grittier film that could have the potential to not totally suck balls.

I just hope there are some exploding arrows...

...and yes, that's a Saturday morning cartoon Rambo.


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