28 October 2005

Caine Hearts Nolan...And Children

Hey guys, it's Donnie...It was announced today that Michael Caine has signed on for roles in two high profile projects, both of which I'm uber-excited about.

First, he'll be re-teaming with Bat-Director Christopher Nolan for The Prestige, the story of dueling turn of the century magicians. Caine will play an elder magician who teaches Hugh Jackman the tricks of the trade so he can, ironically enough, defeat his rival Christian Bale. I'm really hoping that we'll get to see Caine, Bale, and Jackman really cut loose in this one, as all three have been playing fairly controlled, internal characters of late.

He's also signed on for an unspecified role in Alfonso Cuaron's The Children Of Men, alongside Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and the most misspelled name in showbusiness today, Chiwetel Ejiofor. That film centers on a future in which no man can seem to sire a child, until one woman unexpectedly turns up pregnant and everyone wants a piece of her. Clive Owen has to protect her from...well, just about everyone else on the planet I suppose. Everyone vs. Clive Owen? Hmm...I'll give 3-1 odds...

Caine is currently at your local cineplex in The Weather Man, and I really like the TV spots that refer to him and Nic Cage as "acting royalty", cuz they pretty much are. Not that they haven't done their fair share of mediocre crap, but when they're on point....wheee doggie.


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