01 November 2005

Miner Of The Dead

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I've had Land Of The Dead from Netflix for like two weeks now and I have yet to watch the damn thing because I want to be able to sit down and watch the movie properly: sitting on my couch with some nachos or otherwise unhealthy treats, at night, in the dark, with nothing else to draw my attention away from the carnage on my TV. I know that it kind of underperformed at the box office, although it got mostly gushingly positive reviews and as excited as I was to see it, I just didn't make it to the theater in time.

And while Romero's return to the genre he created was somewhat financially disappointing, (can you say "mis-marketing?") it's generally agreed that Zach Snyder's recent remake of Romero's Dawn Of The Dead was a goddamn cash cow, thus encouraging studio folks to greenlight another Romero remake, rather than another actual Romero film.

Go figure.

Steve Miner has received the divine mandate to helm a remake of Day Of The Dead, the 1985 flick about scientists and soldiers locked away in an underground bunker fighting off legions of the undead and experimenting on them to boot. Miner has had more than a bit of horror experience, previously directing Friday the 13th Part 2 AND Part 3, Halloween H2O, the giant gators of Lake Placid, and Forever Young. He's spent most of the last five years directing really cutting edge television like Wildfire, North Shore and Summerland.

Man, this is gonna be a total shitshow. This feels like the polar opposite of the Dawn remake. Whereas that was a movie by a young, first time director that outperformed its drastically low expectations, this seems to be a flick by a director who's gotten less interesting as time marches on and will probably fall way short of it's unnecessarily high expectations. But hey, maybe it'll be such a disappointment that it'll put the currently overworked zombie movie to bed until someone can come up with some sort of interesting new approach to the genre.


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