28 October 2005

Eragon Over-Reaches

Hey guys, it's Donnie...We've got a promo reel for Eragon, what is sure to be the next big disappointment for Fox.

The film is about a young "dragon-rider" in medieval times of magic and it's full of actors who should really know better. Plus Joss Stone. Weird. It's based on the first in a series of books by a 15 year old, so...hurrah for him I guess.

The promo stuff just looks...well boring. Granted they've just started production, so we can't really see any of the good stuff (i.e. dragons) as of yet, but nonetheless something just seemed totally unremarkable to me. Then I realized why.

Fox is making this out to be "The Next Big Thing" and they spend the entire promo reel telling us that. They constantly refer to it as the next Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter, and let me tell you, from what they're showing, Lord Of The Rings it is not. I don't even really like Harry Potter all that much, particularly not the first one, and even that was more interesting than this looks. You can't proclaim ahead of time that your movie is the next greatest thing in its particular genre, because it will inevitably fall short. Plus it's pretentious as all fuck. It's something that Dr. Uwe Boll would do. (Read the above article. Case in point.) If you're movie is really that fantastic, then you really don't need to tell us that, it should be self evident, and so far it is anything but.

Then again, they've only been shooting this thing for like five minutes, so even if this was gonna be as amazing as Fox is purporting it to be, we'd have almost no way of knowing yet. I will say that the dragon on the cover of the book is fucking weak, so they better have a decent designer at the helm.

Click it here to set the bar WAY too high...


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