21 November 2005

Jessica Simpson Works At The BK Lounge

Hey guys, it's Donnie...People are all excited this morning because Jessica Simpson is in talks to nail down (heh heh, she can nail me down anytime...) her second major film role in Employee Of The Month. She would play a cashier at a Wal-Mart-esque discount store who makes two geeky employees drool all over the merchandise for her affection. In an attempt to win her over, the two start competing to become the titular (heh heh, titular...) Employee of the Month.

While watching Jessica Simpson bat her eyelashes and play the dreamy dreamgirl will certainly be enjoyable, her association with this project isn't what has me really excited. I'm stoked because one of the two lovesick pups will be played by none other than Boston's own laugh riot, Dane Cook! Seriously, this guy is beyond funny. Check out either of his albums, Harmful If Swallowed or Retaliation, 'cuz each one is absolutely genius. The guy has had a few minor film roles in the past few years, most recently as the short order cook in the forgetable Waiting. I'm Waiting for him to get a breakout role that will really showcase the guy's talents and this sounds like it could be just what he needs, that is assuming that the script doesn't suck balls...


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