10 November 2005

Screw Dr. Who...Billie Wants Bond!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...That took longer than I anticipated. It's been almost a month since Sony announced that Daniel Craig would be taking over duties as James Bond, and shortly after that director Martin Campbell admitted that they had gotten so wrapped up in casting Bond himself that they had even't started thinking about who'd be playing Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale's new Bond Girl.

I'm amazed that this is the first semi-solid rumor we've gotten in regards to who'd be playing the girl whose name too closely resembles one of the silliest personal conveyances ever conceived by man. According to Yahoo UK, British babe Bille Piper, currently starring in the newest go 'round of Dr. Who, is taking a few days off to meet with the Bond producers and try and weasel her way onto the film. Sadly I have never seen her in...well, anything...although I'd really like to check out the new Dr. Who at some point. She's certainly got the goods to make those male audience members start drooling on the popcorn. Mmmm...popcorn...


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