10 November 2005

Remington Steele, Qui-Gon and Morticia Adams Saddle Up!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...And here I was just talking about Westerns. Today we get word of a new western with an absolutely killer cast: Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson and Angelica Huston will star in Seraphim Falls. Get it? Angel Falls? The title is clever, see, cuz it works on two levels. Brosnan plays a Civil War colonel who refuses to lay down his sword after the war, and instead sets out to hunt down his wartime rival, Liam Neeson. Huston's role is as yet unspecified.

This sounds pretty sweet to me. This sounds like a very mature sort of western, where all of your characters are at least middle age and there are probably bigger issues as play than who cheated who at cards. I really like what Brosnan has done post-Bond. He seems unafraid to take any role that interests him, no matter how bizarre. Hopefully he won't cross the line into "Oh, Pierce Brosnan, what were you thinking?" territory. Heed the example of Cuba Gooding Jr.


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