25 October 2005

Warners Watches The Watchmen??

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So Entertainment Weekly just published a big article titled Watchmen: An Oral History, where they caught up with Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Sam Hamm, David Hayter, and the myraid of others who have had some involvement in the history of this iconic bit of literature. And yes, I said literature. The article starts off great:
Citizen Kane. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Sopranos. Watchmen. Of this list, the following can be said: (1) Each is a masterwork representing the apex of artistry in its respective medium; (2) you might have no idea what Watchmen is.
I'm gonna have to go pick up a copy of that gossip rag just so I can peruse the article and the interviews. Within the article, however, it mentions that Warner Brothers is currently in negotiations to produce the project after the new head honchos at Paramount dropped it from their slate in favor of more worthwhile projects like Yours, Mine and Ours and The Last Holiday.

This could be excellent news. Director Paul Greengrass had assembled a crack team to bring this thing to the big screen and as far as I know, he's held that team together despite being released by the Star-Spangled Mountain. And, as evidenced by Batman Begins and Superman Returns, Warners finally seems to have stopped micro-managing their properties to death and figured out that if they simply hire skilled people with a genuine love and passion for the material, everything turns out for the best. I think Greengrass could very well be the guy, so if Warners wants to step in and write him a big honkin check, you can call me a happy camper. I know Team Greengrass had a couple of fantastic casting ideas that I'd love to see come to fruition...particularly The Comedian and Doc Manhatten...


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