06 October 2005

Trailertown: Covert Woodland Creature Conspiracy

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!

Today we've got we've got continued greatness from George Clooney and a surprising turnaround from Dreamworks.

Syriana: Tomorrow Clooney's sophomore directing effort Goodnight and Good Luck opens in limited release, and so today we get the trailer to his next acting gig, Syriana, the true-ish story of a CIA agent caught up in a web of oil industry corruption in the Middle East, written and directed by Stephen Gaghan. This is the sophomore film from Gaghan, who wrote Traffic and then directed the now-pregnant Katie Holmes in Abandon. It certainly looks like he's learned alot since then, because this trailer is fanfuckingtastic. It probably helps that he's undoubtedly got a much better script and one of the most impressive casts assembled in recent memory. Between this and Jarhead, the Middle East (specifically our involvement in that area) is going to take a cinematic pounding this winter, and I can't wait. Academy Awards, here we come.

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Over The Hedge: In my book, Dreamworks has been batting .000 for the century. They've got Wallace and Gromit opening this weekend and I've yet to hear a bad thing about it, but I refuse to give them credit for that. Aardman deserves any and all praise for that film. Dreamworks just ponied up the dough for a movie that everyone knew would be fantastic and would make a bundle of money. Now, I had heard about Over The Hedge, specifically that, despite Bruce Willis replacing Jim Carrey, (how often does that happen?) the movie featured a fantastic voice cast. Then again, so did Shark Tale, and look what happened there. I've been reserving judgement until I saw some actual animation, and now that I've gotten a hold of the trailer...I must admit that I'm moderately impressed. I like the animation style quite a bit, far more than Pixar's Cars in fact. The voice cast really does shine and the movie looks to have just the right sort of tone, balanced between clever and earnest, without falling into the pop culture hackery of Shrek. Let's hope it lives up to the promise shown here.

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