06 October 2005

Mork For President

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Director Barry Levinson and Robin Williams have both been in somewhat of a slump recently. Williams hasn't really done much of anything worth watching since Insomnia and Death To Smoochy, and Levinson recently managed to film a movie with Ben Stiller and Jack Black still not have it be funny. The two previously teamed up on Good Morning Vietnam, which brought Williams his first Academy Award nomination. Then again, they also teamed up on Toys, which brought audiences a robotic Joan Cusack and an LL Cool J monologue about mashed potatoes.

The two are getting together again in the hopes of regaining their past greatness (and not their previous suckage) with the flick Man Of The Year. Williams will play "a Jon Stewart-like host of a latenight political talkshow" who runs for president to shake things up on the campaign. So, of course a series of bizarre circumstances leads to him actually winning the Presidency.

Personally, I think if you want to do a movie about a "Jon Stewart-like host", you should just get Jon Stewart. I know he's busy with his real job, but come on, he could make the time. What about doing a Bob Roberts style mockumentary with the same premise? That could be all kinds of cool. Besides, I wouldn't want to pull Williams away from shooting Mrs. Doubtfire 2. (That's not a joke. That movie is actually happening.)


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