04 October 2005

Attack Of The 50 Foot Video Diaries!!!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Video Diaries have become the cool new thing to do if you're working on a movie with a built-in fanbase. Kevin Smith has jumped on the bandwagon for Clerks 2, and apparantly Brett Ratner wanted to do the same for X3, but Fox didn't want to run them because, not surprisingly, they sucked. But fear not, because PJ and Bryan Singer are still going strong, and they each just put out really nice entries.

Bryan Singer is determined not to dis the fans, and to that end he's determined to give a cameo to anyone still living who was ever in a half-way decent incarnation of Superman. Thusly, Jack Larson, the George Reeves era Jimmy Olson, gets a little scene as a bartender and we get a really nice journal entry about Sam Huntington, the latest Jimmy Olsen, meeting his predecessor. I've always like Huntington, especially in Detroit Rock City, and he looks great here, especially in that bowtie.

Click it here to pay homage to...everyone.

Peter Jackson is determined to erase that damnable 1976 King Kong from everyone's mind and to rock my damn socks off. His journals stretch across all aspects of the filmmaking process and, at least so far, tend to go into slightly more detail than Singer's do. Here we get the first of two entries about the work by Andy Serkis and the animators to bring Kong himself to life. The mo-cap work they're doing...it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Jackson continues to be the artisan of cool. Also of note, Universal is going to release all of PJ video diaries on DVD on December 13, the day before the flick opens. I'll be honest, I haven't really followed these too closely, but that's mostly because I want to be totally blown away by this movie when I sit down in the theater. But you can rest assured that I'll be picking up this DVD and watching after I see the flick. I really hope that Warners does the same thing with Singer's journals.

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