05 October 2005

Bad Costume Omens For Spidey 3

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Without question, one of the greatest improvements Spider-Man 2 made over it's predecessor was the villain. The Green Goblin wasn't an inherently poor choice as a baddie, but his costume was laughably bad, particularly the mask. Anytime you've got a wonderfully expressive actor like Willem DeFoe and you hide his visage with a plastic face from a seven year old's nightmare's, it's time to rethink your design process. Part of what was so wonderful about Doc Ock was that Alfred Molina made him a real person.

Well, FreezeDriedMovies got word from a scooper that whom seem to trust, asserting that Raimi's costume folks seem to have taken a step backwards in terms of costume design. There's no word on Sandman yet, but apparantly Hobgoblin "looks like a skateboarder" and Venom is a whole different disaster:
The first problem is with Venom's costume, which Spiderman wears first. Instead of being pure black, they took a bit from the comic and gave it a disgusting purple tint. In the comic the reason for the tint was to Venom stood out in the shadows, but in film there's no reason for this. Now I've actually seen the costume designs and they're terrible. The purple looks awful.
I'm not ready to accept this as gospel truth just yet, but it does make me a little bit worried, especially after Danny Elfman's insistance that Raimi has been replaced by a pod person. I'm also a little perplexed as to the storyline here. Spidey's gonna wear the black costume/symbiote first? I mean, that's the way it always was in the comics, but I feel like if you're gonna go to that sort of depth with Venom then Sandman seems a little superfluous. Either that or this movie's gonna be like 3 hours long. I have a genuine concern that one or both of these villains is gonna get shortchanged here, which would be truly unfortunate.

Meanwhile, over at the official website, the powers-that-be are refusing to acknowledge the fact that Kirsten Dunst already spilled the proverbial beans and that everyone now knows the identity of the bad apples. They've launched a "Villain's Gallery", with a number of potential villains. It's worth a look, if only because it's got great background info on the comic history of all these characters.


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