04 October 2005

HALO Fans Wet Themselves In Excitement

Hey guys, it's Donnie...It took a long time for comic properties to be treated with respect by Hollywood. We lived through years of dreck, waiting for studios to realize the full cinematic potential of a comic book franchise. Now we're living in The Golden Age of Comic Book Cinema, to the point where just about any comic franchise can get optioned for production. (Ant-Man anyone?)

So I've gotta think that video games are like the bastard cousin to comic books when it comes to film adaptations. We've still yet to see a really good one, and Uwe Boll seems determined to make sure we never will. But fear not my gaming friends for Bungie and Universal bring you salvation. There's been lots of publicity about the upcoming HALO movie, especially after the multi-million dollar script by Alex Garland (28 Days Later) was delivered to various studios by couriers dressed as Master Chief. Well Universal won the bidding war, and Bungie announced today that they've brought on a pair of executive producers who should assure the integrity of the film:

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh.

Seriously, this could turn the tide for video game movies. If the studio is really gonna put that much time and energy and hire BIG GUNS like PJ and Fran, we could start seeing video game movies get treated with the respect that comic films are now, and honestly, it's about time. Pretty soon we'll be able to block out the painful memories of Super Mario Brothers and Double Dragon...Oh god...Scott Wolf...Please God, let me forget...


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