04 October 2005

The Casting Futon: Casino Jones

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Here with some interesting casting news on a couple of VERY high profile projects.

Casino Royale: The next James bond adventure, which is taking the Batman Begins approach and restarting the franchise, continues to claw its way out of development hell. While there's still no word on who'll be designated 007, rumors persist that screentests were recently completed and that we should be getting a decision either this week or next, with the frontrunners being Henry Cavill, Sam Worthington, Goran Visnjic, and my personal favorite, Daniel Craig. I thought Craig was fantastic in Layer Cake and really seems to fit the profile of where they want to take the character. In the meantime, The Times of India is reporting that Bollywood star Gulshan Grover has been cast as "the ultimate villain". We've yet to receive studio confirmation, but if they have indeed cast the baddie, then I'd say things are looking up for Bond.

Indiana Jones IV: From out of nowhere, we've also gotten word on what could be the first official casting for Indiana Jones and Mythical Bedpan of Magic. TheIndyExperience is reporting that a 19 year old model/actress from Huston TX has landed an unspecified role in the next Indy Jones adventure. I wasn't aware that they were actively casting this thing yet, as last I heard the script was still unfinished and Speilberg is still overseas trying to finish Munich for its Christmas release. If it turns out to be true...well, hey, good for her. If it turns out it's just her agent trying to drum up some free publicity...well, hey, good for her. Her name is all over the internet. Good job.


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