26 October 2005

Spend Your Christmas In A HOSTEL

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Cabin Fever is a solid little horror flick that may not be big on traditional jump scares, but it's got a great sense of atmosphere and enough gore to choke a dozen donkeys. Writer-director Eli Roth has since gained a bit of a reputation in Hollywood. He's become known for saying "I'll direct any movie starring a monkey or the Olsen Twins. Preferably both." He was also the inspiration for the porn obsessed friend Eli in The Girl Next Door. (The writer of Girl used to hang out in the Cabin Fever editing room and take notes on the way Eli talked. Roth kicked him out of the editing room once he found out.)

Well, his next project is called Hostel, and it's a doozy. Details are sketchy except to say it's about college kids in a European hostel and there is blood EVERYWHERE. All the boys at Ain't It Cool have read the script and came to the conclusion that if Roth shoots anything close to what's on the page, that this will be the sickest, most disgustingly perversely awesome movie ever. Oh yeah, and did I mention boobies galore?

Sadly, we've yet to see a trailer or even a poster for this puppy, but I'm pretty sure all that is about to change, because the release date was just moved up from January 6 to December 21. This is a really smart move, as January 6 was already hosting Wolf Creek, an indie horror film with some great buzz behind it. Dr. Uwe Boll's latest shitshow Bloodrayne will also be opening January 6, so I'm glad that Hostel won't get lost in the shuffle. Granted there are plenty of big pictures coming out in the last two weeks of December, but none of them are really shooting for the same audience.

I'm excited to see how this one turned out and as soon as we see some promo stuff, you'll be the first to know.


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