24 August 2005

Batman Procrastinates...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...It seems like every idiot on in incredible edible internet is on a murderous rampage in an effort to claim the latest "insider info" on the next Batman movie. However, we denizens of the web with a preference for rational thought know that in reality, none of these so called "developments" have the slightest bit of credibility, mostly because the movie doesn't have a release date, a start date, or a script for that matter. The key players were all contracted for multiple films, but now it's a matter of bringing everyone together again. Screenwriter David S. Goyer had plotted out a Batman trilogy, however he also has a seemingly unending number of writing and/or directing projects in development, including his big screen adaptation of The Flash, hopefully starring Ryan Reynolds. Chris Nolan, the latest Bat-Director, has been the real mystery.

No more! Batman Begins producer Charles Roven recently told The Chicago Sun-Times:
"It's up to Chris Nolan and his schedule. He wants to make another movie first."
Another movie? But what could it be? Well, a cursory glance over at IMDB will tell you that his next announced project is called The Exec and has the potential for absolute coolness:
"A drama set in a future society where big business is the governing body, and conducts its affairs like engaging in warfare"
The script was adapted from a graphic novel by Nolan's bother Jonathan, who also adapted Memento. HOWEVER, AICN is reporting that at the recent WorldCon in Glasgow, British novelist Christopher Priest mentioned that the Nolan brothers were also planning on teaming up to adapt one of his early novels, The Prestige, a story of dueling magicians trying to one-up each other over the course of their respective carreers.

Both projects sound to be fairly fantastic, but I don't really want to wait for Nolan to finish two movies before we get another Batman. At the very least, I'd like to see Warners lay the groundwork and get Nolan and Goyer contracted and start active development on the movie before too much time passes, Nolan and Goyer move off the greener pastures and the franchise starts getting silly again.


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