23 August 2005

Lonergan Returns! Ruffalo, Damon and Paquin In Tow!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I loved Kenneth Lonergan's first directorial effort, You Can Count On Me. It totally jumpstarted the career of Mark Ruffalo, for which I am eternally full of sunshine. Plus it's probably the most honest work that Laura Linney has done before or since. Aside from that, Lonergan is a completely brilliant writer, so anything he wants to lay his hands upon I'll pretty much show up for.

Next month he starts filming his sophomore film, Margaret. It stars Anna Paquin as a young woman who witnesses a bus accident in a small town, and it's effect on the town's residents. Mark Ruffalo will be back, and he'll be joined by Matt Damon, who apparantly agreed to doing the movie without reading the script.

It's gonna be one hectic shoot, as Paquin just started X3 for Brett Ratner, and Ruffalo is starting Zodiac for David Fincher while Damon is finishing The Departed for Scorsese and starting The Good Shepherd for Robert DeNiro. So many talented folks and so many good projects to look forward to...


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