23 August 2005

My First Harry Potter Post

Hey guys, it's Donnie...There's a reason that I've run this site for about three months now and this is the first time I've written a post dedicated to Harry Potter news: I don't really care about Harry Potter. I never read the books, I probably never will. I don't really care for these movies because they're made to cater to little kid audiences, and so everything has to be spelled out explicitly for them to make sure they understand what's happening. I get particularly frustrated when something happens that requires the simplest logical step to connect Point A and Point B, and yet one of the characters has to spend a minute and a half explaining it outright immediately after it happens. "Yes, I know it was always you and not your father on the other side of the lake. You know how I know that? I just fucking watched it happen, that's how."

That being said, I will admit that each one has been better than the one before it, with the third one being significantly better than the first two, although that was mostly due to director Alfonso Cuaron, who has since been replaced by the moderately-talented Mike Newell, who can only be forgiven for inflicting Mona Lisa Smile upon us because he's also responsible for Donnie Brasco. The fourth Potter installment, The Goblet of Fire, will be taking over theaters in November and you can watch the first theatrical trailer for it RIGHT HERE. I do enjoy watching these kids grow and change over the years at more or less the same rate that their characters do, which is something that no other film series has been able to pull off to such a degree before now. It somehow makes the characters seem more real. And, mystically enough, Newell seems to have developed some sense of style. The Tri-Wizard tournament has the potential to be cool, plus it's got Ralph Fiennes as the latest incarnation of Voldemort, which is unassailably awesome.

I know there are those of you out there who salivate over this stuff the way I'm salivating over Superman Returns, so far be it from me to deny you the pleasure.


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