18 August 2005

Flux Of Aeon, Not Capacitor

Hey guys, it's Donnie...A few days ago I linked you all over to that really crappy MTV site with the Aeon Flux trailer on it. I never could get the damn thing to work right and who knows if any of you ever did either, but it's no longer of any concern.

Apple just posted the trailer in bright shining Quicktime, and now that I've finally seen the whole thing...I'm marginally impressed. They've certainly got the futuristic-utopian-society thing down cold and there certainly seem to be some interesting elements at play here, specifically the ball-bearing explosives, the girl with hands for feet, and the killer grass, (yes, that's right, grass) but this thing really isn't gonna be decided for me until I'm sitting in the theater watching it play out in front of me. Director Karyn Kusama, formerly responsible for making a star out of Michelle "I could break you in half" Rodriguez with Girlfight, well, she seems to have nailed down the style. Now let's she if she's got any substance to back it up...

Click it here to activate your lawn defense system, complete with gun-toting garden gnomes!


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