19 August 2005

Dwight Shoots Up Harvey Pekar and Persephone

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Perhaps the only other movie with a title close to as brilliant as Snakes On A Plane is the new Clive Owen flick Shoot 'Em Up. They both have that quality, as soon as you hear the title, you know instantly what awaits you and probably whether you're going to enjoy it or not. The story centers on Mr. Smith, a man who delivers a baby in the middle of a shootout, and then promises the mother to protect the child from an army of crazed gunmen. Sounded like the perfect vehicle for Clive Owen, very reminiscent of his BMW Driver shorts. Writer/Director Michael Davis has yet to have a real breakout hit, although his 100 Girls is a total guilty-pleasure-stupid-junk-food-entertainment flick. Plus it's got local boy Jonathan Tucker, who I rather like as an actor.

Anyway, Hollywood Reporter is...reporting...that Owen will be joined by none other than Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci, two people whose very presence in a film immediately grabs my attention. Bellucci will play Owen's love interest and Giamatti will play the evil boss-man who wants to make swiss baby. I'm not sure exactly why he's so interested in killing an infant, but whatever. Maybe it's an Oedipal thing, which would be kinda gross since I'm pretty sure the mother dies at the beginning of the film.


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