19 August 2005

More X3 Casting Scuttlebutt

Hey guys, it's Donnie... XMenFilms.net has got a pretty decent casting scoop today on X3. Shauna Kain (Siryn), Bryce Hodgson (Artie), Conner Widdows (Jones), and Luke Pohl (Unnamed X-Kid) are all reprising their roles as students at Xavier's School For The Gifted. No word on whether or not Kea Wong will be returning as Jubilee or if that role will be recast. Personally I could really care less, because Jubilee always seemed a little worthless to me.

We definitely will NOT be seeing Bruce Davison return as Senator Kelly, as he's got two other projects he's currently preparing for. Also it seems that Katie Nuata will not be appearing as The Mutant Whore, although hopefully that doesn't necessarily mean that Ratner's gone back to the Williams' sisters. Apparantly the casting offices claim to have finished casting all major roles, which means that Gambit's presence in the film is still a mystery. Apparantly some are claiming that he's already been cast while others maintain that he's been cut from the movie entirely.

Anyway, click it here to swing by XMF and read the scoop for yourself. They also apparantly have a spoiler scene description, although I've decided that I know too much about his movie already, so I'm gonna abstain from any further spoilers.


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