19 August 2005

Partial Superman Returns Footage! Singer Is A Tease!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...those of you who have been reading the site with any regularity for the past month know that I've been going absolutely bonkers waiting to get a taste of that Superman Returns footage shown at ComicCon. To the point where before I go to bed almost every night, I click over to BlueTights to see if it's made its way online yet. However, last night, I found to my incredulous surprise, a new video diary waiting for me: Bryan's Blog #22: 20 Hours In San Diego.

This is by far the best (and longest) installment of the production diary to date. Not only do we get to watch Bryan and Michael Dougherty acting totally loopy on their plane ride to San Diego, but we get a very nice little montage of Singer answering questions at the Con, complete with footage and on-set clips to back up what he's talking about. Then, we see the lights in the convention all dim, and the video screens light up and cut to the demo reel....and it's GORGEOUS. I'm telling you, these new Genesis cameras are incredible, they're going to change filmmaking as we know it. They give the picture this bizarre quality of being dated and yet timeless. John Ottman says they'll be utilizing the John Williams classic fanfare, but everything else will be original because he's trying the modern feel of the movie intact. So anyway, we are treated to some great freakin imagery, classic stuff, beautifully composed camera work, we get to hear Brandon speaking in character, we see him on the farm and then...it's over!


I can't believe we only get half the footage here. I want to see the rest of the reel for chrissakes! I want to see Luthor! I want to see more Daily Planet! Lois! Jimmy! Just ONE Superman money shot!

Hopefully we'll get the whole shebang soon enough. Still, I love what we get here. I've watched this thing about a dozen times today, and it doesn't look like I'm gonna stop anytime soon.

Click it here to check out The High Flying Adventures Of Bryan Singer!


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