08 July 2005

Steve Martin Redeems Himself

Hey guys, it's Donnie...As much shit as I've been giving to Steve Martin in light of his recent crap like Cheaper By The Dozen and Bringing Down The House, he's still one of my favorite comedians of all time, mainly because of just how smart his humor truly is. Go read Pure Drivel. Go read WASP. Go watch his old standup routines. The man is a genius, and if I get upset with him, it's totally out of love. I hate to see his obvious talents languish as they have these past few years. At this point I'm pretty much just waiting for him to hit his "Second Coming" ala Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke. (Sidenote: I just watched Eddie Murphy: Raw the other night and it totally filled me with hope that he might make a return to glory after the upcoming Dreamgirls and Inlgorious Bastards, if that movie ever happens...)

Well fear not my friends. Before we have to suffer through The Pink Panther Makes You Cry At Its Lack Of Funny, we're all going to be treated to Shopgirl, a flick which Martin not only stars in but wrote as well. I'll pretty much leap at the chance to watch Steve Martin do anything that he actually wrote, and I've been waiting for this puppy for quite some time. It stars the lovely Claire Daines as a simple "Plain Jane" girl who works at the glove stand in a clothing shop. She falls for the affluent Martin as well as the poor loveable Jason Schwartzman.

I love the one-sheet, it seems to really capture the tone of the film wonderfully. The trailer went online at iFilm today, and despite its curious preponderance of Deathcab For Cutie, I really really like it. This seems like a romantic comedy that I would actually want to take a date to, as opposed to trite bullcrap like Hitch. If I took a girl to see this movie and she really liked it, I would certainly take that as a positive sign and she would immediately go up about 50 points in my cool book.

Click it right here and remember why you liked Steve Martin in the first place...


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