05 July 2005

I Heart Silver Surfer

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Anyone who watched that video interview with Avi Arad probably heard when the interviewer asked about Silver Surfer and the possibility of David O. Russell (I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings) coming onboard as director. Well Jeffery Wells at Hollywood elsewhere seems to be backing up the assertion, and the logic makes sense. In the past few weeks Arad has dropped a few hints about a possible Silver Surfer director, saying that they had a guy who was "mentally committed to doing it" but is currently working on another project. David O. Russell is working on a small project right now with Vince Vaughn as a radio talk show DJ. Arad also said that this director is "incredible with visuals" and "is a Zen Buddhist." Check and check. We've still had no substantive confirmation from Russell or Marvel or Fox, so this is still definitely in rumor bucket, but it's a logical rumor at the very least.

I really like the idea of Russell doing Silver Surfer. Wells complains about how all these young, classy talented directors are "whoring themselves out to make superhero movies", but personally I couldn't be happier. Instead of thinking of it as talented directors selling out to do movies for the masses, I prefer to think of it as the superhero movie being elevated to a higher class of film because of vision of folks like Singer, Nolan and perhaps now Russell.

What do you all think? Granted for every Chris Nolan's Batman Begins there's going to be a Tim Story's Fantastic Four, but are the reputations of good directors really being tarnished by their involvement in the world of superheros? And what about Russell taking on Silver Surfer?


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