06 July 2005

Remember The Coen Brothers?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Remember when the mere mention of a new film by the brothers Coen was enough to fill you with excitement and anticipation? I certainly do. I miss those days...before the dark time...before The Man Who Wasn't There...

Well, one of the Coens' favorite playthings, George Clooney, who apparantly doesn't have enough on his plate already, (aside from being rumored as a favorite to voice Optimus Prime in Michael Bay's upcoming Transformers film) has begun telling the AP about his next Coen collaboration, what he calls the finaly chapter of his "idiot trilogy" of O Brother and Intolerable Cruelty. This latest film is called Hail Caesar and in it Clooney would play the lead actor of a 1920s theater troupe putting on a production of Julius Caesar. The character, complete with pencil moustache, is "an absolute jackass" (Clooney's words, not mine) and Georgie Porgie is looking to bring him to life once he wraps up his work on The Good German under the direction of Steven Soderbergh.

Between those two films, Good Luck and Goodnight, and Syrianna, we should be eating George Clooney leftovers straight through to next spring. Personally though, I'm more interested to see if the Coens can perhaps regain some of their former genius and glory as quirky filmmakers with a truly original voice. The unique Coen sense of style is certainly what's been lacking in their last few outings and I think we all rather miss it, although I'm not one to really jump on the Coen-bashing bandwagon. This agression will not stand man!

Oh come on. Did you really expect me to get through a whole article about the Coens without dropping a Lebowski referrence?


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