07 July 2005

X3: Angel The Yellow Bastard????

Hey guys, it's Donnie...word is that Nick Stahl, aka T3 John Conner, aka the guy from Carnivale, aka THAT YELLOW BASTARD of Sin City is on board to play Angel in the upcoming trainwreck that is X3. Someone is still circulating those bogus Mike Vogel rumors, but he's definitely out, as Wolfgang Peterson has begun filming on his remake of The Posiedon Adventure, which Vogel has definitely signed onto. Stahl's casting is still unconfirmed, but there's apparantly a teaser running in front of Fantastic Four and ComicCon is right around the corner, so I'd expect an official announcement in the next few days...

I actually think that I like this casting. In fact, I'm pretty happy with all the casting news I've heard. I still say that Frasier playing Beast is an inspired choice, and if they've managed to keep on Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut, well then that's pretty damn spiffy. I'm obviously saddened by the loss of Alan Cumming, but I'll only be really sad if they try to replace him with another actor. If he ain't coming back, then write Nightcrawler out of the movie. That's the beauty of X-Men, you've got a tremendous cast of characters that you can rotate in and out, so take advantage of it.

If they can manage to nail down Warren Worthington and Kitty Pryde as effectively as the rest of their casting, that will seriously go a long way in allaying my fears about this movie. Ratner may be a hack, but if he continues to surround himself with talent then I think that the franchise will more or less take care of itself at this point. The director isn't in danger of bringing X-Men to its knees, but a poor script and a rushed pre-production certainly could. Let's hope that Penn and Kinberg manage to sort everything out in the next few weeks before they roll camera.


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