11 July 2005

Pay No Attention To The Jim Sheridan Behind The Curtain!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Talk about varying your career. I'm a huge fan of Jim Sheridan's In America. I think it's a wonderfully touching yet heartwrenching story about struggling to keep together in a world that often seems intent on tearing us apart. Those two little girls are absolute treasures and I can't wait to see them step up to the plate again. Sheridan's next project is the 8 Mile-esque film based on the life of rapper 50 Cent, Get Rich Or Die Tryin, starring none other than Mr. Cent himself. That's gonna hit theaters this fall, and a few unremarkable images have recently found their way online.

Well, Sheridan recently announced that his next project will be Emerald City. And no, there are no flying monkeys in this one. Yet another movie "based on true events", the film will tell the story of Irish Organized Crime in Hell's Kitchen in NY. Lukas Reiter, a former Queens DA and a writer for the David E. Kelly Legal-verse dramas The Practice and Boston Legal will be writing the script for Emerald City, so I suppose we can expect a certain aire of authenticity punctuated by snappy dialogue.

It certainly seems to be a good time to be in the Irish mafia. Scorcese has been poking around my neighborhood for the past month or so filming The Departed, another movie that's on my must-see radar. I like Sheridan enough that I'll go see a movie starring Half Dollar, so you can pretty much count on me seeing Emerald City.


Blogger Mike O'Dea said...

Emerald City looks like it might be an interesting Irish Mob (westies) story although it is a dated one. We are in the pre-production stages of a film called "Townies" that revolves around the life of a Irish Mafia soldier in Boston. Good post, thanks.


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