11 July 2005

Jack Black Nachos!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...While we're all itching to see Jack Black's Carl Denham in Peter Jackson's next masterpiece King Kong, Black is gearing up to shoot his newest pearl of comedic wisdom. Once he's all done with the Tenacious D movie, he'll start rolling on Nacho Libre, the story of a Mexican priest who pulls double duty as a masked wrestler in oder to raise the money to keep a local orphanage from getting shut down by the powers that be. It's like The Blues Brothers, but with ill-tempered wrestlers instead of Nazis.

Nacho Libre will be directed by Jared Hess, aka the genius behind Napoleon Dynamimte, and written by Mike White, aka the guy punching the typewriter for School Of Rock. While the concept could very easily go south, I think that this is a greating pairing of the minds, and I have faith that these guys will do right.

Besides, talk about a fantastic title. Nacho Libre! Rolls off the tongue...


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