24 June 2005

MovieBooth EXCLUSIVE! Pink Panther!!!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...here with the first of a couple of exclusives. My spy network is growing and I've got some really interesting little items coming up, but this is the first real EXCLUSIVE NEWS ITEM I've recieved and we at The Booth are happy to share with you all.

My feelings on The Pink Panther remake are pretty well established at this point. I wish that Steve Martin circa 1989 was making this movie, not the current, family-friendly Steve Martin. Other than that, I think they've got a pretty good cast assembled (minus Beyonce) that will probably be utterly wasted. Much like Fantastic Four, I'd love to walk into the theater and be totally proven wrong, but at this point I'm not holding my breath.

SO, as we said a few weeks ago, Pink Panther had it's release date pushed back to next February and the official reason given had something to do with a marketing problem. However The Movie Booth has learned that THE REAL REASON stems from a ratings dispute. SK, our own spy in the field, has firsthand knowledge of the goings on. Take it away SK!
Steve Martin wants the rating to be PG to get a wider audience, but the MPAA says that with all of the sexual connotations that the movie should be rated PG-13. So they might have to go back and reshoot some of the more "sexual" scenes...so, moral of the story, they are trying to decide if they want to re-shoot scenes.

I think that most anyone with half a brain knew that after Sony had pushed back the release for the third time, it probably had nothing to do with the marketing. That said, I find this news to be disheartening to say the least. Martin's pushing for PG? I think that's a perfect illustration of why this movie will probably crash and burn. I don't have the slightest desire to watch Steve Martin doing PG comedy. I want to see him pushing the limits. The man seems to have grown complacent making big money movies that appeal to nine year olds. Maybe he'll be able to redeem himself with his upcoming Shopgirl, but he's got alot of crap to make up for.

Thanks again to SK. Hope to hear more from you down the line.


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