08 June 2005

Pink Panther Still In Hiding

Hey guys, it's Donnie...here with an update on another one of those projects that should be utterly brilliant but will, in fact, be utter garbage. I've been on something of a Peter Sellers kick recently, (tonight I'll be watching Casino Royale) especially after watching the wonderful Life and Death of Peter Sellers starring Geoffrey Rush. However, to say that I'm only vaguely excited for the remake starring Steve Martin would be overstating, which is a shame because Steve Martin is the perfect person to take over for Peter Sellers. Unfortunately, the film needs "The Jerk Steve Martin" and it's gonna get "Cheaper By The Dozen Steve Martin".

Bah. Twenty years ago, Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy were two of the funniest, edgiest comedians on the scene. Now, they've devolved into family-friendly toothless shadows of their former selves. Murphy recently confirmed that he has been speaking to Quentin Tarantino about a role in Inglorious Bastards, and Martin does have Shopgirl coming out later this year, but both need to pick up another quality project or two before they get totally written off.

Anyway, my original point was that The Pink Panther remake continues to play musical time slots. Originally slated for this summer, then pushed to September, then bumped back up to August, and now pushed back once again to February. Sony claims that the move has something to do with giving their marketing department some breathing room in the wake of their recent acquisition of MGM and doesn't have anything to do with unsuccessful test screenings.

I'm sure someone believed them...


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