23 June 2005

Why Oprah Sucks...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So this is a little off topic from the usual ranting and raving on this site, but once I saw this....well, it's just so utterly ridiculous I can't really keep quiet about it and since this is my only pulpit of sorts....

Oprah, literary whore extrodinare, is claiming that she was denied service at a retail store because she's black. In fact, she's described it as her "Crash incident", referring to the excellent film about race relations written and directed by Paul Haggis. (check it out if you haven't already.)

So what's the ridiculous part? Well, as the man says, the devil is in the details. Seems Ms. No-Last-Name went to an Hermes Paris store (If you're not familiar with the store, it's the swankiest of the swanky. The location here in Boston has bellhops of all things.) in order to buy a watch for Tina Turner before meeting her for dinner. HOWEVER, she arrived at the store 15 minutes after closing, and was met at the door by a security guard who told her that the store was closed and was setting up for a private PR event. The guard then told her that she should return the next day.

Okay, so let's recap: It's not like Oprah went to a Wal-Mart and the door greeters stopped her at the metal detector and said, "We don't lahk yer kind here," and kicked her ass to the curb. No, she went to one of the most elitest stores on the planet, showed up 15 minutes AFTER THE STORE HAD CLOSED, and a security guard told her that there was a private function going on and she could not, in fact go shopping for Tina Turner and INVITED HER TO COME BACK THE NEXT DAY. Not to mention the fact that Hermes has it all ON TAPE!!!!

Besides the fact that the folks at Hermes would have to nine kinds of retarded not to let Oprah shop there unless there was a really good reason for it (like a private function going on inside the store and a lack of employees to ring up her purchases), but they'd have to be stupid beyond all belief to look one of the most famous black women in the world in the eye and say, "Negro get out of my store."

This is the stuff that makes my head hurt, if for no other reason than by referring to the whole nonsensical nonsense as "her Crash moment", she totally and utterly cheapens a fantastic movie with some really fucked up comments and representations of racism today.

See, this had something to do with movies......kinda.

If you want more details you can hit up CNN right here.


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