21 June 2005

Corey Feldman's Triumphant Return?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...In an alternate dimension somewhere, Wes Craven's lycanthropic crapfest Cursed was never re-shot and we the people got to see the original version co-starring Scott Baio and Corey Feldman. I totally would have gone to see that movie if it still featured Charles and Mouth, no matter how bad it was.

Either way, Corey Feldman is not the type to let a little thing like the studio throwing out all his footage and writing him completely out of the film stop his cinematic comeback. He's got a new flick making the festival rounds, (playing most recently at Cannes) and there's no way he can get cut out of this one...because he's the main character.

The movie is called The Birthday. It's presented in real time (although I don't think it was shot that way) and seems to be some sort of bizarre horror movie hybrid. We start off following Norman (Feldman), a quiet, introverted, practically stuttering loser with a girlfriend who's way out of his league. She invites him to an extravagant birthday celebration for her father at a local hotel and, surprise surprise, Norman is a total fish out of water and no one likes him. Just when things seem like they couldn't possibly get any worse, the film seems to take a From Dusk Till Dawn-esque turn, and suddenly Norman must fend off a sect of crazy waiters trying to bring about the end of humanity.

It's the first film by director Eugenio Mira and they've got a really well designed website up and running. Poke around and you'll find a trailer and a promo reel, both of which have some really fantastic visuals. I particularly like the shot of the balloons drifting around the empty dance floor. Plus Feldman seems to be playing seriously against type, and actually looks like he might turn in a very memorable performance. I'm not sure how this is gonna turn out, but if it finds its way to Boston I'll definitely be in attendance.

Check out the Trailer right here...

...and the longer, more detailed Promo Reel over here.


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