23 June 2005

Superman: Untitled Awesome

Hey guys, it's Donnie...For those who haven't heard the story that will quickly become Superman lore, Brandon Routh, the successor to Christopher Reeve, is a huge Superman fan, has been for years. And so, a few years ago, he dressed up like Clark Kent/Superman for Halloween. And so, of course, once he actually got himself cast as the Man of Steel, the pictures of that fateful October evening found their way into the Incredible Edible Internet. So that's the origin of the above picture, which I've decided to run in front of all my Superman articles.

I am continually impressed by the ability of the folks at BlueTights.net to keep knocking the ball out of the proverbial park. They recently put up a bunch of nifty stills from the recent New York Licensing Show showing basically a quasi-teaser poster and some Metropolis signage. However, this morning they've put up the 17th Production Diary from Bryan Singer and.....wow.

This is phenomenal. This entry is focused on the screenwriters, Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty. After giving you an exclusive look at Supes' bestest robotic buddy, we get a flood of images, newspaper headlines, clips from shooting, and our first hi-res bit of footage, even if it is fairly unremarkable in and of itself. Personally, my favorite bit is at the very end. Talk about iconic imagery.

Man, this bitch can not get here fast enough. I may have to go back and watch the Donner flick again. I am most certainly going to watch the Superman and Superman II before the midnight screening in a year and a week.

"We put them together underwater..."


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