21 June 2005

Xavier's School vs Zoom's Academy

Hey guys, it's Donnie...You know I'm looking forward to the impending release of Sky High, but there's another, similarly themed project in development called Zoom. Based on the series of graphic novels entitled "Zoom's Academy", the story chronicles the adventures of a group of students at a school for young superheros. The project, to be toplined by Tim Allen, has been in development for quite some time, but a script was recently completed and a release date set for May 12 2006...a mere two weeks before the planned release of X3.

Well, suffice it to say that Fox and Marvel are plenty pissed. They have officially filed a lawsuit against Sony Pictures and Revolution Studios, the studios pulling the strings at Zoom. Fox and Friends claim that while the original graphic novels are substantially different, the screenplay adaptation is virtually identical to the X-Men franchise in regards to many characters and story elements. Marvel and Fox even drew up a laundry list of specific items from the script that they feel were less than original and sent it to the folks at Zoom back in May. While script changes have apparantly been made since then, Fox still isn't happy, especially in light of Zoom's recently announced release date.

As one would imagine with a release date so close, Zoom was scheduled to start lensing in about a month or so, so even if all parties involved can work out their problems (in or out of court) Zoom may be forced to delay production as a result. So Fox will still get their way. Go figure.

Doesn't matter. The way things are going, Superman will still kick their ass.


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