16 December 2005

Trailertown: Codename V Dreamz Of A Hedge

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!

V For Vendetta: I'm totally psyched for this movie to come out, however I did not watch this trailer, no do I plan on watching it. Why you ask? Well, according to AICN's Quint, who saw the movie last weekend at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, it's a really well made trailer except for the fact that it essentially shows the entire movie in two and a half minutes. I have no interest in spoiling the movie for myself (even if it is almost three months before it hits theaters) and, to be honest, the teaser was more than enough put my ass in the theater come March. And thus I will be left to handle this trailer much like the Matrix Revolutions trailer, i.e. closing my eyes and blocking my ears and talking to myself whenever it pops up on TV or in a theater.
Click it here at your own risk...

American Dreamz: I've really enjoyed watching Paul Weitz grow as a filmmaker over the last seven years or so. If you had told me in 1999 that the guy who directed American Pie was going to quickly transition into serious dramatic filmmaker capable of biting social commentary...well, I may not have believed you. Nonetheless, here we are and here is the much touted American Dreamz, which looks to live up to its reputation so far. Weitz has certainly gathered a hell of a cast and Dennis Quaid, Hugh Grant and Mandy Moore in particular look like they've put in really fine work. At the same time, I'm sure we can expect similar greatness from always reliable folks like Willem Dafoe, John Cho, Judy Greer, and Boston's own Seth Myers. My absolute favorite moment of the whole trailer is the very last one.
Click it here for the proper pronunciation of Chester Cheetah's favorite snack food...

Over The Hedge: Here we've got the theatrical trailer for the latest from Dreamworks Animation (now property of Paramount) and I have to say that I'm astounded at how much better this looks than Pixar's Cars. And that's really a shame because this doesn't even look all that amazing. I mean, the animation is really solid and the animals all have a very nice style about them, but I'm certainly not blown away by anything I see here. The Incredibles it is not. In fact, in the wide spectrum of CG animated features I'd say this probably falls somewhere between Chicken Little and Finding Nemo. (And for the record, both of those movies as well as the interminable Shrek movies rank well below Incredibles, both Toy Story films, and A Bug's Life/Antz.) But it's got some nice gags and if I'm really bored on a Sunday afternoon I could probably be convinced to hit this one up for a matinee.
Click it here to see a Jesus racoon...


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