14 December 2005

Trailertown: Bubbly Blockbusters

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown.

The onslaught continues unabated. BIG trailers released today. We're really starting to get an idea of what next summer is gonna look like and I have to say that on the whole I like what I've seen so far. It's also worth noting that along with all these little gems, Apple will be launching the new V For Vendetta trailer at some point on Thursday, December 14, i.e. tomorrow. The movie just closed Harry Knowles's Butt-Numb-A-Thon down in Austin and we've heard nothing but good things from those who saw it. Anyway, here's what's on tap for today...

Posiedon - At first I was not very excited about this movie at all. But over the course of The Posiedon Journals I admit becoming more and more interested. The last one with Wolfgang Peterson is really what put me over the edge. To hear him talk about his love for this project really made me excited to see it happen. Now we've got this teaser and all I've got to say is...damn. Talk about a goddamn money shot. This thing has got some real potential to be a great time at the movies next summer. What do you say?
Click it here to ride an old man's back...uh, I mean, never mind...

The DaVinci Code - Haven't read the book, probably never will read the book. While I'm always up for some good speculative history, there's just something about that book that puts me off. Maybe it's all the people who say that it's a poorly written book with a clever idea. I don't know. I do know this: Opie has been doin some serious work here and the badassery of Paul Bettany's albino bad guy probably counterbalances the outright silliness of Tom Hanks's academic mullet. This thing is going make some serious bank for Sony next summer and I have to admit that it looks terribly interesting.
Click it here to see an albino re-enactment of The Passion Of The Christ...

Bubble - Okay, so this bizarre little entry is the latest from Stephen Soderbergh, who recently announced that his next film will be Guerrilla, the story of Che Guevara starring Benjamin Bratt. This on the other hand...this is just weird. None of the characters are played by professional actors, the running time is just a little over an hour and this teaser...just strange. For me, the most important part is at the very end when it says "Available January 27th In Theaters, On DVD, And On HDNet Movies." That's F-ing HUGE. Studios have been talking about simultaneous multi-platform releases for a while now. Word is that Disney was even trying to convince theaters to sell Chicken Little DVDs in the lobby when the movie was released last month. No one's been able to pull it off yet, so I suppose it makes sense that it should be someone like Soderbergh. And a one hour quasi-experimental little filmlet seems to make sense as a good test drive for this type of release. The real test will come when they try to do the same thing with a widely released film like an Ocean's 11.
Click it here if you really like dolls...


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