14 December 2005

You Got Fuzz On You

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Yesterday I was sad that, despite repeated viewings, Simon Pegg was nowhere to be found in the M:I3 teaser. But I'm absolutely giddy today to learn that Working Title Films has officially given Pegg and his Shaun Of The Dead co-writer and director Edgar Wright the greenlight to begin Hot Fuzz, a British cop action movie that Pegg describes as a "British Shane Black movie." Pegg and his Shaun co-star/comedic genius Nick Frost will star as mismatched partners in a backwater British police precinct.

Do you really need to hear any more than that? Alright, fine, here's more Pegg:
“It sounds as if it’s going to be March, which is exciting. We’ve actually been writing it for most of the year! We’ve been working so hard on it. It’s such a complex script. I think the first draft was 235 pages long because we thought ‘oh fuck it, let’s just go for it, let’s just vomit it onto the page and see what happens’. And we’ve shaved off a hundred-odd pages, but it’s one of those things where if you remove one thing, there’s a pay-off later on that needs to be addressed. It’s been a far more intensive process than writing Shaun.”
I absolutely cannot wait for this. Pegg and Frost have the potential to become absolute gods of comedy, and Edgar Wright has some REALLY interesting projects on the horizon that will almost certainly benefit from his experience here, including a possible Ant-Man comedy. This makes me wanna go home and watch Shaun right now...


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